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Business Angels

Our Business Angels are investors with interests in the maritime field and with the intention to provide funding and expertise for projects with high potential for growth in the medium / long term.

After a selection process, each investor receives a summary of the projects that might fit better to their profile description. Oceano Azul guarantees confidentiality levels required by both investors and entrepreneurs.

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emprendedores del sector marítimo


From Oceano Azul we promote projects in the maritime sector in all its facets. If your company has a business project involving an organizational, production or product / service technological advancement, market, we can help you carry it out.

With the collaboration of Oceano Azul, you have a complete support to achieve the goal of getting your project to potential investors of the Network.

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One of the most important added values of Oceano Azul is its network of mentors who are part of the ecosystem created by the COIN and who contribute their time, dedication and knowledge to young entrepreneurs.

Mentors are entrepreneurs, managers, technical directors, … with extensive experience related to the creation, growth and / or consolidation of companies in the maritime field.

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Why invest in the sea?

The data confirm that the maritime sector is a sector with high potential for economic growth, both in value and employment, global reach (technological innovations, including generated by SMEs spread quickly through its industrial fabric), which qualifies as a very suitable for investment in industrial undertaking (profitable and investable for its scalability) sector.

For it plays a fundamental role the growth of small and medium enterprises, SMEs, as one of the fundamental pillars for the future of the European economy.

As has repeatedly expressed the European Union, this is even more true in the case of the Blue Economy, where support for new companies in emerging sectors and incentives for innovation in SMEs are key to job creation and sustainable use of the oceans and coasts.

Services to Business Angels

  • Forums Organization / clubs.
  • Newsletters.
  • Database of potential projects.
  • Network integration.
  • Access to profitable projects.
  • Possibility of co-financing with other BA (association, co-investment).
  • Preparation and arrangement of a critical mass of business projects.
  • Contact with entrepreneurs through technology platforms.
  • Participation in investment forums.
  • Advice and training in the whole process of capitalization.
  • Monitoring the financial management of the company in which it invests.
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Services for Entrepreneurs

  • Identification of potential investors.
  • Prepare contacts with BA.
  • Financial advice.
  • Visibility.
  • Assistance for meetings with BA.
  • Information about other sources of funding.
  • Presentation of the project to investors who can provide funding.
  • Presentation of the project to investors who can provide management and contacts.
  • Contact with investors through technology platforms.
  • Advice and mentoring in carrying out the business plan.
  • Preparation for the exhibition of the project in investment forums.
  • Entrepreneurship training.
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Mentoring Services

  • Participation in the network of BA “Oceano Azul”.
  • Training on mentoring.
  • Access to our platform mentoring.
  • Participation in events and networking activities.
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How it works Oceano Azul

A network business angels as Oceano Azul is a space for interaction between entrepreneurs and investors.

Entrepreneurs often find it difficult to access financial resources, which becomes the main obstacle faced when creating a business or to promote new projects within them.

Typically, business angels are individual private investors who bring in a private capacity, its capital, its expertise and its network of personal contacts to entrepreneurs, in order to obtain a capital gain in the medium – long term and hopes to select a business project very successful.

With its capital contribution become partners of the company, although its share is usually minority status with the developer team keeps the power of decision.

Business angels of the “Oceano Azul” network are entrepreneurs and managers who have built successful careers in professional areas as diverse as shipbuilding, shipping, recreational boating, sailing competition, energy, security, defense, telecommunications … ultimately the maritime world.

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