3rd Day of maritime venture

The next day, Oct. 13, as the opening ceremony of the course of entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurship Maritime: a choice of professional future” the 3rd Day of the Promotion of Entrepreneurship organized by the College of Naval and Ocean Engineers and the University of Corunna be held in Hall of the Campus of Esteiro.

It will involve prominent speakers who have developed innovative initiatives of maritime enterprise: SEA MASTER CONSULTING, NEXT LIMITOscar winning special effects, MAGALLANES RENOVABLES, KOLSAN SOLUTIONS will impart their experiences.

In addition, existing incentives will be discussed to develop activities of maritime enterprise in a round table with the participation of the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (IGAPE), the Vice Chancellor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Corunna, the INCYDE Foundation, …

Day Promoting entrepreneurship in Ferrol

Day Promoting entrepreneurship in Ferrol

Also, the Entrepreneur Support Service created by the College of Naval Engineers to jumpstart projects maritime business and technological innovation presents.



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