The venture, our future

It is well known that the maritime sector is a sector globally with a high potential for growth and innovation projects as has been reflected in the communication of the European Commission “Blue Growth: Opportunities for sustainable marine and maritime growth” ( 52012DC0494), where it is recognized the importance of the seas and oceans as engines of the European economy for its great potential for innovation and growth.

Today, it is representing 5.4 million jobs and a gross added value of almost 500,000 million euros per year in the EU. The maritime sector in Europe could generate 7 million jobs and increased income to 600,000 million euros by 2020. All in activities such as marine renewable energy, aquaculture, undersea mining, biotechnology, recreational boating

In that sense, it is clear that if the maritime sector in Spain wants to grow and seize the opportunity that is being generated in Europe as a source of growth and employment generation should pay particular attention to the key elements for the development of a “hub” entrepreneurship: technical talent, a critical mass of startups, easy access to capital and access to a business ecosystem.

This requires developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will generate innovation and attract capital to promote the creation of new technology companies in the maritime field.

El emprendimiento nuestro futuro


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