Innovations in our Oceans: Nanosatellites

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The world is changing at breakneck speed. The speed with which new challenges appear, societies are transformed, evolve and appear new problems implies that we have to adapt as quickly so that we not overflow this new paradigm: 4.o industry, IoT, additive manufacturing, big data, nano, …

On the other hand, INNOVATION is a constant in our lives. What today is new, surely it will no longer morning; and these developments are already altering and changing our daily lives.

And the ocean has become one of the main areas where these changes are occurring in a more complex way.

Consequently, the College of Naval Architects and Ocean (COIN) through its network of Business Angels “Oceano Azul” is mentorizando and financing startups with maritime applications: FUVEX, AISTECHSPACE, BOUND4BLUE,


Maritime safety

Oceans and Seas are the big stage where most of the trade between companies, countries and societies … where the value of transactions reached substantial values occurs unexpectedly.

However, the oceans have become the field of action where failed states and international terrorism have found a scene of conflicts that until now remained, away from media interest.

Has always been important to the ability to maintain the security of these exchanges and yet, today has become a factor of insecurity. Illicit trafficking of people, drugs, weapons, terrorism and the resurgence of piracy have become major risks that must be fought and overcome.

On the other hand, the security of assets circulating in these seas, its crew and passengers, conservation of the environment … are also aspects that every day more important and priority are being considered.


“Maritime” nanosatellites

Imagine that a ship could continuously broadcast information about its operating status and it can be received and processed in real time on the ground and from there you could transmit orders to modify its operation, optimizing their defeat and increased the efficiency and safety of the ship. In addition, for the purposes of maritime traffic control option that could detect its presence even disconnecting the AIS transponder or navigating in a “dark” area.

On the other hand, it may seem at first glance to sea and space are opposite environments. Quite the contrary are complementary. It is through space where there is a better view of the ocean, where you can collect the maximum information about what happens on its surface and through which you can give valuable assistance to all its users.

When we speak of space, it is very likely that imagination leads us to think about the space race between the great powers, in exploring the cosmos … We immediately into something huge, very expensive, only available to some governments, even of all , and large multinationals.

Similarly, and relatively speaking, like with mobile phones, satellites are evolving very similarly.

Thanks to the miniaturization of technology and components, we are now able to put satellites into orbit the size of a carryon, 100 or even 1,000 times lighter than the large geostationary satellites. Furthermore have the ability to be operated with a guarantee for a relatively long period of time, are called as nano- or CubeSat.

Our startup Nanosatellites AISTech SPACE

The emergence of these nano-satellites in our lives allow (indeed already is becoming a reality), change the concept that as a society we managing the space and give access to a large number of individuals, companies, organizations … that to They did not have this availability date or the freedom to choose.


This opportunity has made startups like AISTech Space are developing a constellation of small satellites with the aim of helping companies, organizations, regions …, to expand their knowledge about their areas of interest and improve their decision making.

Thus it contributes to increasing the efficiency, competitiveness, their level of safety and quality of life of its surroundings.

Thanks to a bidirectional constellation own nano- and integration of technologies maritime positioning via AIS, multispectral imaging and communication between active (M2M services, or what is known as the Internet of things), AISTech Space offer innovative and integrated solutions focused on safety management in the seas and oceans.

With this democratization of space, providing valuable information to improve maritime safety, increase efficiency of companies and organizations, improve decision-making … it will help get every day a better world.



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